Gordon Buchanan's

Natural History  // BBC2 2x60'
Presenter: Gordon Buchanan
Executive Producer: Ted Oakes
Co-production: Oak Island Films Ltd with Hello Halo TV
Reviews: https://bit.ly/2Gq1bGw

Fashion's Dirty Secrets

Current Affairs //  BBC1 1x60'
Presenter: Stacey Dooley
Executive Co-Producer: Ted Oakes
Co-production: Oak Island Films Ltd with Hello Halo TV
Reviews: https://bit.ly/2tktOww

BROADCAST FILMS from ted oakes whilst at the bbc

Tip of the iceberg! Just a few recent BBC projects from Ted as Series Producer or Executive Producer while staff at the BBC Natural History Unit.

Gordon Buchanan with the XXX © XXX

Gordon Buchanan with the XXX © XXX

tribes, predators & me

Natural History  //  Series 1, 2016 & Series 2, 2017  //  BBC2 — 6x60'
Presenter: Gordon Buchanan
Directors: Rachel Kinley, Patrick Evans
Executive Producer: Ted Oakes

  • Observer ‘Best TV show of 2017’.

  • Nominated Wildscreen ‘Best Presenter’

  • Nominated Royal Television Society West ‘Best Natural History Series’ and ‘Best Director’ against Planet Earth 2!

  • Pictured: This snake was the largest scientifically published record live an anaconda - a snake with na important story.




Gordon Buchanan an 'Weaver' during the making of
'The Elephant Family & Me'.

the elephant family & me

Natural History  //  December 2016  //  BBC2 — 2x60'
Presenter: Gordon Buchanan
Director: Rachel Kinley
Series Producer: Ted Oakes

  • Nominated Ivor Novella award for ‘best music’

Corresponding social media campaign led to the UK ivory trade ban: https://bit.ly/2Jh1Vw8



Blue Wolf -- 150dpi.jpg
IMG_2734--WOLF PUPS.jpg

the snow wolf family & me

Natural History  //  December 2014  //  BBC2 & Animal Planet — 3x60'
Presenter: Gordon Buchanan
Director: Anwar Manon
Series Producer: Ted Oakes

  • Christmas Special

  • Nominated for a Grierson Award. December 2014.

The wolf is still an outsider. From Red Riding Hood to Jack London, it has symbolised wilderness and raw, bloody survival. So if you want to try your hand at proper wildlife filming, up close and wolf-breath personal, it has
to be Canis lupus arctos. Snow Wolf Family and Me (BBC Two) was a new outing for heavily insured cameraman Gordon Buchanan, the third strand
in a series that’s done black bears in Minnesota and hungry polar bears. The latter memorably showed Buchanan coming close to being a bear lunch. Buchanan chose Ellesmere Island in Canada for its remoteness.
You can’t even get a Domino’s Pizza delivery there and the local wolves have never met a human, although they obviously have a decent media agent and PR.

Listen to . . .

. . . Series Producer, Ted’s personal story of wolves.


the BEAR family & me

Natural History  //  December 2016  //  BBC2 — 3x60'
Presenter: Gordon Buchanan
Director: Johnny Young
Series Producer: Ted Oakes

  • RTS WEST — WINNER — Best presenter,

  • Gordon Buchanan


life: Ep3: mammals

Natural History  // TX 2006  //  BBC1 & Discovery — 1x60'
Presenter: David Attenborough
Director: Ted Oakes

  • Series won ‘Prime Time’ Emmy Award for Cinematography,

  • Bulldog Special Jury Award, Wildscreen Panda award.

  • Wildscreen Panda Award.

  • "Life" delivered the highest ratings 11m of any Discovery Natural History series in history.

  • The Mammals episode inspired two further BBC series, Hidden Kingdoms and Ocean Giants.